The RESOL product range includes a range of high-class solar thermal and heating controllers as well as a broad variety of accessories for the efficient use of energy. All RESOL products are future-oriented, sophisticated and unique in their design. Resold controller have been used by a number of solar hot water manufactures. In the past the RESOL Deltasol B can be found in Dux, Conergy, Environson and stretch solar hot water systems. The newer version the Delasol BS/4 controller is currently in by Apricus and Thermann solar hot water systems.

  • RESOL DeltaSol AL

    RESOL DeltaSol AL

    The RESOL DeltaSol® AL solar controller is a temperature differential controller that offers all the vital functions for a standard solar thermal system. The controller is equipped with the comprehensive System-Monitoring-Display, which shows the system parameters quickly and easily. For data communication, the controller has a VBus®. Operation and function controls are simple as usual.    

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    • System-Monitoring-Display
    • Up to 3 Pt1000 temperature sensors
    • Heat quantity measurement
    • Function control
    • Operating hours counter
    • Intuitive operating concept
    • RESOL VBus®
    • Extra-low standby power consumption
    • 1 x 20m FKP6 roof sensor
    • 1 x 2.5m FRP6 tank sensor



    Max. number of collector fields: 1
    Max. number of stores: 1

    Temperature sensor inputs: 3
    Sensor type: pt1000
    Relay outputs in total: 1
    ■ electromechanical relay: 1
    Data interface: VBus®
    Power supply:100 ... 240 V~

    Heat quantity measurement
    ■ with flowmeter  

    Software functions
    Antifreeze function for solar circuit
    Collector minimum limitation
    Collector emergency shutdown
    Store maximum limitation
    Store emergency shutdown
    Tube collector function
    Cooling functions and cooling mode
    Function control

    Inputs: 3 Pt1000 temperature sensors
    Outputs: 1 electromechanical relay with change-over contact
    Switching capacity: 4 (1) A 240 V~ (electromechanical relay)
    Total switching capacity: 4 A 240 V~
    Power supply: 100 ... 240 V~ (50 ... 60 Hz)
    Supply connection: type Y attachment
    Standby: 0.33 W
    Mode of operation: type 1.B action
    Rated impulse voltage: 2.5 kV
    Data interface: RESOL VBus®
    VBus® current supply: 35 mA
    Functions: Function control, operating hours counter, tube collector function and heat quantity measurement. The controller is additionally equipped with a time-controlled thermostat function.
    Housing: plastic, PC-ABS and PMMA
    Mounting: wall mounting, mounting into patch panels is possible
    Indication/Display: LCD graphic system-monitor for visualisation, 16-segment display, 7-segment display, 8 symbols for system states, background illumination and operating control LED
    Operation: 3 push buttons and 1 slide switch
    Ingress protection: IP 20 / IEC 60529 (with IP 22 seal)
    Protection class: II
    Ambient temperature: 0 ... 40 °C
    Pollution degree: 2
    Dimensions: 144 x 208 x 43 mm
    Bus: RESOL VBus® (max. current drain 35 mA)
    Protection class: II