Apricus RESOL DeltaSol AX (used in early model Apricus solar hot water systems)

The RESOL product range includes a range of high-class solar thermal and heating controllers as well as a broad variety of accessories for the efficient use of energy. All RESOL products are future-oriented, sophisticated and unique in their design. Resold controller have been used by a number of solar hot water manufactures. In the past the RESOL Deltasol B can be found in Dux, Conergy, Environson and stretch solar hot water systems. The newer version the Delasol BS/4 controller is currently in by Apricus and Thermann solar hot water systems.

  • Apricus RESOL DeltaSol AX (used in early model Apricus solar hot water systems)

    Apricus RESOL DeltaSol AX (used in early model Apricus solar hot water systems)

    RESOL DeltaSol A/AX   -   Installation manual DeltaSol┬« AX

    Replacement solar hot water spare parts are easy to find here at Solar Hot Water Parts and even easier to repair. The controller settings are easily programed and can be easily changed if required.
    Technical Specifications - Solar controller DeltaSol A/AX:
    • Adjustable temperature difference 2 ... 16 K, hysteresis 1,6 K
    • Antifreeze function adjustable by jumper / micro-switch
    • Maximum or minimum temperature limitations adjustable by micro-switch (DeltaSol AX)
    • Protection against dripping water

    The DeltaSol A and DeltaSolAX controllers are the simplest solution for all differential controls. The version DeltaSol A is equipped with an adjustable temperature difference and a antifreeze function which can be activated / deactivated by jumpers. The version DeltaSol AX presents an extended version which is additionally equipped with an adjustable target temperature for minimum or maximum temperature limitation (adjustable by micro-switch). The enclosed silicone sealing cord guarantees a protection against dripping water.

    Who are RESOL?

    RESOL are a German electronics designer and manufacturer that has had a huge impact on the Australian solar hot water market. Their quality range of solar hot water controllers have been purposely built to suit our climate. They supply a large number of leading manufacturers globally - Apricus; Thermann; Dux; Chromagen - just to name a few . RESOL has spent many years developing and perfecting advanced algorithms and associated controllers able to deliver real savings for solar and electric hot water users.