Salmson SB 04-15 Cartridge

The Salmson SB 04 15 circulating pump is one of the most highly sold pumps in Australia. The Salmson brand was founded by Mr. Salmson; the facility he built, in the Paris region, specialised in manufacturing mechanical pumps. Its history is associated with technological developments in motoring, aviation and centrifuge pumping systems.

  • Salmson SB 04-15 Cartridge
    Salmson SB 04-15 CartridgeSalmson SB 04-15 CartridgeSalmson SB 04-15 Cartridge
    Salmson SB 04-15  Replacement Impeller Cartridge
    Replacement cartridge for the Salmson SB 04-15, Wilo Z 15 A and Salmson NSB 04-15 hot water circulating pumps are exactly the same.
    The model number and external look of the pump will differ depending on its age and where the model of pump you have has originated from.
    The Salmson SB 04-15 circulating pump cartridge is easily changed over.
    However, it is often more economical to replace the entire pump with the Salmson SB 04-15 hot water circulating pump.
    We have included images of the various pumps in this listing for your reference only. This product is the impeller only.