Thursday, April 24, 2014

Grundfos 15 20 Cil Replacement OEM Solar Hot Water Circulating Pump

The Grundfos 15 20 Cil circulating pump can be purchase from our online store click here to buy Grundfos 15 20 Cil online. The Grundfos solar 15 20 Cil is the best OEM solar hot water circulating pump on the market and has proved it's reliability in the Australian climate. It has been used successfully by many of the leading solar hot water manufacturers in the country Apricus; AAE; Edson; SolarArk; Solar Lord; Chromagen: Thermann just to name a few.

The Grundfos 15 20 Cil will work most solar hot system on the market today and is very easy to install. A common problem with the life span of any circulating pump used with solar hot water is incorrect installation, all plumbing work should be done by a licensed tradesman. Orientation of the electrics on the pump when installed out side is critical. The electrical lead must be positioned facing down with the three speed controller on the side and not facing upwards unless protected from the weather by a pump station.

The Grundfos 15 20 cil pump's orientation can easily be changed by disconnecting the motor from the pumps housing to rotate the motor and retightening. The Grundfos 15 20 CIl 2 standard from Grundfos comes ready to install into a solar pump station, we do sell pump stations to suite this pump and your controller.  Click here to buy a solar pump station. Solar Hot Water Parts sell the Grundfos 15 20 Cil with free pump unions to make installation easier. The pump unions reduce to half inch copper compression fitting for quick replacement.