Bianco BIA-LRS32-6CU 3 Speed Hot Water Circulating Pump

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  • Bianco BIA-LRS32-6CU 3 Speed Hot Water Circulating Pump
    Bianco BIA-LRS32-6CU 3 Speed Hot Water Circulating Pump

    Bianco BIA-LRS32-6CU 3 Speed Hot Water Circulating Pump

    This Pump was used for short period of time as a solar hot water circulating pump in early manufacture periods of solar hot water.

    It was used by companies like Apricus and some Chromagen systems to name a couple. It was later replaced in these systems with a circulating pump designed for solar hot water circulation.

    The Grundfos 15-20 CIL is the best replacement option for this circulating pump.

    Replace this pump with the:

    Grundfos 15 20 CIl


    Materials of construction suitable for potable water

    3 speed operation for lower power consumption
    Flows to 65 litres/minute, heads to 6m
    Quiet operation (<45 db A)
    Pump Performance: Max. flow speeds 1, 2, 3: 20 l/m, 42 l/m, 65 l/m

    Max heads speeds 1, 2, 3: 3m, 5m, 6m

    Liquid: Max. operating water temperature: 80º C; Temperature: Class 110

    Materials: Pump body: Bronze, DR, Back Plate and Rotor; Can: Stainless Steel; Impeller: PPO

    Installation: Maximum ambient temperature: 40º C; Maximum operating pressure: 10 bar

    Port Spacing: 150m; Pipe connections suction/discharge ; 1-1/4" BSP M

    Optional Union Set: 1-1/4" BSP F/3/4" BSP F

    Electrical data: Rated voltage: 240V, Mains frequency: 50 Hz

    Current Max: 0.4 amps Capacitor: 3uF, Power consumption speeds 1, 2, 3: 46W, 67W, 100W

    Motor Duty: Continuous Motor type: Canned rotor; Motor protection: In-built thermal overload

    Ingress protection: IP 42 Insulation class: F; Power cable length: 1.2m; Net weight: 4.0 kg