Wilo Solar-STG 15/11-1 Drainback Circulator Pump

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  • Wilo Solar-STG 15/11-1 Drainback Circulator Pump

    Wilo Solar-STG 15/11-1 Drainback Circulator Pump

    This pump can be used to replace the Salmson HXE63- 15P-HX circulating pump used in Rheem and Solarhart drain back systems. It can be used with most drain back systems as well.      

    It is not approved to be used with open loop system using potable water.

    Approved fluids (other fluids on request)
    Heating water (in accordance with VDI 2035)
    Water-glycol mixtures (max. 1:1; above 20% admixture, the pumping data must be checked)
    Permitted field of application
    Temperature range at max. ambient temperature +40 °C -10 to +110 °C (in short-term operation 2 h: +120 °C)
    Maximum permissible operating pressure Pmax 10 bar
    Pipe connections
    Threaded pipe union Rp ¾
    Thread G 1
    Overall length L0 180 mm
    Electromagnetic compatibility EN 61800-3
    Emitted interference EN 61000-6-3
    Interference resistance EN 61000-6-2
    Protection class IP 44
    Insulation class F
    Mains connection 1~230 V, 50 Hz
    Speed n 716 - 1448 / 1064 - 1999 / 1486 - 2481 rpm
    Power consumption P1 75 / 115 / 165 W
    Current consumption I 0.32 / 0.52 / 0.72 A
    Motor protection Not required (blocking-current proof)
    Threaded cable connection PG 1x11
    Pump housing Grey cast iron (EN-GJL-200)
    Impeller Polypropylene
    Pump shaft Stainless steel (X40Cr13)
    Bearing Carbon, metal impregnated
    Minimum suction head at suction port for avoiding cavitation at water pumping temperature
    Minimum suction head at 50 / 95 / 110 °C 0.5 / 3 / 10 m
    Information for order placements
    Make Wilo
    Type Star-STG 15/11
    Art no. 4061442
    Weight approx. m 3.92 kg



    Wilo  STG 15/11