Wilo Z 15A

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  • Wilo Z 15A
    Wilo Z 15AWilo Z 15AWilo Z 15A
    Wilo Z 15A
    Although replacement impeller cartridges are available for this model of pump, the complete pump is no longer available. Because of the age of your existing pump, in most cases you are best to replace the entire pump with the Salmson SB 04-15 circulating pump.
    Over time this pump has been replaced by the Salmson SB 04-15.
    Depending on the model of Wilo Z 15 you are trying to replace, the Salmson SB 04-15 will be almost identical.
    We have tried to include as many examples of this version of pump, in the image listed for this model, to assist you in finding the replacement part you are looking for. 

    Sorry there is no technical information available for this product.