Dux SUNPRO® 400L

Dux SUNPRO® 400L


If you’re aiming to reduce your carbon footprint, or simply tackle your growing energy bill, choose an Ecosmart solar water heater. Ecosmart uses the latest European solar technology to capture the sun’s energy and heat water in roof mounted, high performance solar collectors. This water is pumped and stored in a highly insulated, Australian made solar tank, ready to use when you need it.

Electric boosted models come fitted with a mid-mounted element, ensuring hot water is available on cloudy days or in times of high demand. Connect this to an off-peak electricity tariff for even lower running costs.

Ecosmart solar will save you money on energy bills, providing an economical, sustainable hot water solution for years to come

  • 400L ground mounted solar tank with 2 roof mounted collectors
  • Class leading efficiency delivering maximum running cost savings
  • Eligible for $1330 in STCs1
  • High performance, selective surface solar collectors
  • European controller and circulator with low power consumption
  • Multi-temperature tank sensors enable optimum solar gain while reducing the risk of overheating Australian made solar tank with dense, 50mm thick polyurethane insulation
  • Commercial specification enamel and anode for the tank
  • Dual handed plumbing connections Mid-point electric boosting delivering 230L of boost capacity
  • 7-year tank warranty, 5 year collector warranty, & 1-year parts and labour warranty*


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