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Replacement Broken Hills evacuated tubes

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  • Thu 17, Sep 2015
  • Damian

Replacing hail damage evacuated tubes in Brisbane

Hundreds of people have had the solar hot water collectors damaged during Brisbane's largest hail storm this year. Here is a little guide how... Read More
  • Sat 29, Nov 2014
  • Hot

RESOL BS /4 solar hot water controller

Solar Hot Water Parts are selling the full RESOL Australian range to suite all your solar hot water plumbing repairs




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  • Sat 30, Aug 2014
  • Damian

Grundfos 15 20 Cil

The Grundfos 15 20 Cil circulating pump can be purchase from our online store click here to buy Grundfos 15 20 Cil online. The Grundfos solar 15 20 Cil... Read More

  • Thu 24, Apr 2014
  • Rebecca

Evacuated tube solar hot water

Evacuated tube collectors

Solar Hot Water Heating Evacuated Tube Collectors are the latest in solar hot water technologies. They are composed of a few basic elements but when combined make a... Read More

  • Wed 12, Feb 2014
  • Rebecca

Close couple and split solar hot water systems

Close-Coupled System

This signifies low running costs but can require more boosting. The reason being no electricity is required for moving water from collector to storage tank. It occurs through thermosiphoning... Read More

  • Wed 12, Feb 2014
  • Rebecca

Solar hot water flat panel collectors

Solar Hot Water Heating Flat Plate Collectors work well when there is a high ambient air temperature Flat plate panels have been used for around 40 years and are commonly... Read More

  • Wed 12, Feb 2014
  • Rebecca